Shared Hosting

Lets go through how to think when choosing web hosting or webbhotell as it is called in Swedish and how to compare web hosting in the simplest way. There are a thousand different websites out there that recommend and list different web hosts, so here is a small summary.

First of all, you have to decide and try to figure out what your page will look like and how demanding it will be. They are always better to take a slightly larger hosting package so that you do not have to change after a few months. If the purpose is to have only one or more blogs that do not have heavy content, then a simple web host for 10 SEK a month works perfectly! However, if you have a website with lots of pictures / videos, it is better to invest in a web host which is a bit more expensive. Usually, the web hosting company in Sweden has a “plus package” where you pay a few bucks extra but get quite a lot more web hosting!

Something you should also consider is if your site will be business critical. Then it is a must to choose the better alternatives, otherwise you risk losing money if your website is down for a long time. All web hosting companies in Sweden generally have a high uptime, but they can never guarantee that your website will be 100% online. It is quite logical that the more money you pay, the higher uptime / security you will receive. So it is also a reason not to skimp on a few crowns.

Another thing that I usually point out, but which is not as important, is where the web host has its server room. If the server hall is located in the USA and you should have your website in Sweden CAN it make your competitors have a better starting position when it comes to eg. search engine optimization or similar. This is nothing to think about when choosing your first web host but may be good to keep in mind if you have a good look at SEO and want to hone in a bit.

The last point that many people forget is to actually read through the agreement you sign when you buy your web host. Most web hosting companies in Sweden have good terms and the standard is 1 year of binding time. However, it is always good to read through it quickly so that you have done so, so you will not be surprised if something strange happens after 1 year.

Short summary:

Try to predict the size of your website
Find out how business-critical your website is
Do not skimp on small money as it can be penalized in the end
Check out where the web host has its server room
Always check reviews / deals before buying

We hope you find a web host that fits your business perfectly and that you will succeed here on the World Wide Web! Good luck